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eOSTEO Closed System Cell Culture Ware

The Enhanced OSTeoporosis Experiments on Orbit (eOSTEO) payload is designed around a single use biological interface platform.

eOSTEO Flight Tray

Central to this system is the disposable eOSTEO bioreactor. eOSTEO bioreactors are available in two configurations; one for use with 2D cultures, and one for use with 3D cultures.  The 2D bioreactor is sized to accommodate a standard microscope sized slide, accommodating a wide range of end-user coated structures. The 3D bioreactor is sized to accommodate a scaffold interface insert, which contains three 9mm OD x 1 mm height scaffold.

eOSTEO Bioreactor (Open)

eOSTEO Bioreactor (Closed)

Fluid pathways are available for use with the eOSTEO bioreactor, and come in two configurations; the full 3-bioreactor eOSTEO tray pathway, and the single bioreactor development pathway. Either is compatible with both 2D and 3D bioreactor modules.

eOSTEO Fluid Pathway

eOSTEO Simplified Pathway

Accessory packs are available for simplified priming and preparation of the pathway for cell culture. Accessory packs include priming syringes and extension sets compatible with the fluid interface connectors contained within the pathways.

Recent News

July 25, 2017
SWIDGET Kickstarted Launched!!!

Kickstarter launched
Swidget, the Smart Home targeted wall outlet represents the final product adoption of the patented COMPORT system. Please check us out on Kickstarter and pledge you support


May 22, 2015
Osteo-4 has returned to Earth!

SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at 12:42 p.m. EDT Thursday with almost 3,100 pounds of NASA cargo from the International Space Station, including research on how spaceflight and microgravity affect the aging process and bone health (Osteo-4)


April 24, 2015
Spaceflight Insider Article: SpaceX CRS-6 mission to assist in osteoporosis research

An article, by Spaceflight Insider, talking about the importance of the Osteo-4 payload to osteoporosis research:


April 23, 2015
CALM Technologies on CBC Radio One - Ontario Morning with Wei Chen

Lowell Misener, President of CALM Technologies, had a talk about Osteo-4 with Wei Chen of CBC Radio One's Ontario Morning.  Below is the link to the Ontario Morning Podcast.  Lowell's interview begins at 06:18 and concludes at 11:33.  Enjoy!



April 23, 2015
CALM Awarded InVitro Bone Contract with European Space Agency

On January 26, 2015 Calm was awarded a contract to build and support hardware for the European Space Agency project InVitro Bone (#4000112839/14/NL/FC). This involves the manufacture of the flight proven Osteo-4 design and support for flight qualification. The future InVitro Bone mission is targeting 2017.

April 22, 2015
Osteo-4 Makes Whig Standard Front Page News!

To see the Kingston Whig Standard article on CALM Technologies and Osteo-4 click the link below:


April 22, 2015
NASA Mission Article for Osteo-4 - Great Group Photo!

From the NASA website highlighting Space Station Research, an article titled: Scientists Make No Bones about First Study of Osteocytes on Space Station.  Great photo of the Osteo-4 Team!

April 22, 2015
Osteo-4 Blasts Off for ISS!

Watch the launch video of the SpaceX CRS-6 mission carrying the Osteo-4 Payload aboard the Dragon capsle on the Falcon9 rocket.

April 22, 2015
CRS-6 Prelaunch Science Panel - Osteo-4

CRS-6 Prelaunch Science Panel - With Paola D. Pajevic, principal investigator, Osteocytes and Mechanomechano-transduction (Osteo-4), Massachusetts General Hospital.

April 21, 2015
Osteo-4 Training Video for ISS Astronauts. Have you got the right stuff?

The Osteo-4 Training video viewed by the astronauts aboard ISS.  The video was produced by Jordan Milani, Videographer currently living in Kingston, Ontario.