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CALM Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of specialized equipment for both terrestrial and space applications. Systems developed by the CALM Technologies team have flown on the Shuttle, the MIR Space Station, and aboard a FOTON recoverable satellite launched on the Russian Soyuz rocket.

Our main focus of activities is in System development for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), though we have worked closely with Engineers and Scientists from NASA, ESA and Russia’s TsSKB-Progress. With participation in a number of missions, we are well equipped to deliver quality hardware designed to meet the challenges associated with the harsh environment of space.

Our secondary focus is the development of terrestrial based devices for use in commercial and residential applications. Servicing the health care, manufacturing and the home electronic industries, CALM has developed a number of products for a wide range of applications.

The company is currently organized into two operating divisions, which are aligned according to the clients they serve:

CALMSPACE is our Research and Development division focused on the design and manufacture of space-qualified biological and materials processing systems.

CALMTECH is our commercial division focused on the design and development of new technology products for use in residential, commercial and institutional applications.


Recognized as the Covidien 2013 Quality Supplier - Globally. 

We would like to thank all of our friends at Covidien with whom we have worked closely.  At CALM, we value our customer relationships and continue to work hard to help.



Introducing CALM Fabrication


Our latest addition to the team!  CALM Technologies is proud to announce the opening of CALM Fabrcation as a contract fabrication and machine shop at our Innovation Drive location.  Equipped with the latest in CNC milling and turning capabilities, CALM Fabrication is accepting requests for quotes for your precision machining projects.  You can follow some of CALM Fabrication's projects on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

SEAM ECG / AED / TENS Electrode Testers


The SEAM Family of test equipment has been designed to provide robust performance in the most demanding manufacturing environments.  The SEAM ECG Electrode Tester, SEAM80 AED Electrode Tester and SEAM10 TENS Electrode Tester offer your business increased efficiency and cost savings opportunities, giving you a competitive advantage.  SEAM ECG Tester is fully compliant to ANS/AAMI EC12:2010R.  SEAM80 AED Tester is fully compliant to ANSI/AMI/IEC 60601-2-4:2010 (DF80).