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CALM Technologies Inc. is a Kingston, Ontario based technology company, focused on the development of custom systems for a broad range of markets. Drawing from its many years of experience developing hardware used by research institutions worldwide, in addition to the Canadian and European Space Agencies, CALM has become a leader in developing custom systems for a host of applications.

The company is built around of a multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists and technologists, covering the mechanical, electrical and software aspects of product research and development. Furthermore, our in house quality expertise ensures that we perform to the highest possible standards.

CALM Technologies provides its clients with comprehensive design solutions, and though our core focus is on Research and Development, our full portfolio of business activities include:

  • Electrical/Electronics Development
    • Electronics Design
    • Printed Circuit Boards
    • Custom manufacturing – CALM’s electronics team holds the following certifications:
      • NASA Hand Soldering
      • NASA Crimping and Cable Harnessing
      • NASA Application of polymeric coatings
  • Mechanical Design and Analysis
    • 3D CAD Solid Modeling
    • Finite Element Analysis
  • Software Development
    • Assembly Code
    • PLC Programming
    • Custom Software

In addition to engineering activities, we have significant experience in dealing with biomedical systems, particularly systems intended for cell culturing and tissue engineering.

CALM Technologies maintains a quality system that is compliant with ISO 9001:2008.

Recent News

January 18, 2019
QC Integrated Solutions Inc. to take over SEAM business

Effective immediately, all sales, service and support for the SEAM line of electrode testers and associated equipment is now being handled by QC Integrated Services. 

July 25, 2017
SWIDGET Kickstarter Launched!!!

Kickstarter launched
Swidget, the Smart Home targeted wall outlet represents the final product adoption of the patented COMPORT system. Please check us out on Kickstarter and pledge you support


May 22, 2015
Osteo-4 has returned to Earth!

SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at 12:42 p.m. EDT Thursday with almost 3,100 pounds of NASA cargo from the International Space Station, including research on how spaceflight and microgravity affect the aging process and bone health (Osteo-4)


April 24, 2015
Spaceflight Insider Article: SpaceX CRS-6 mission to assist in osteoporosis research

An article, by Spaceflight Insider, talking about the importance of the Osteo-4 payload to osteoporosis research:


April 23, 2015
CALM Technologies on CBC Radio One - Ontario Morning with Wei Chen

Lowell Misener, President of CALM Technologies, had a talk about Osteo-4 with Wei Chen of CBC Radio One's Ontario Morning.  Below is the link to the Ontario Morning Podcast.  Lowell's interview begins at 06:18 and concludes at 11:33.  Enjoy!



April 23, 2015
CALM Awarded InVitro Bone Contract with European Space Agency

On January 26, 2015 Calm was awarded a contract to build and support hardware for the European Space Agency project InVitro Bone (#4000112839/14/NL/FC). This involves the manufacture of the flight proven Osteo-4 design and support for flight qualification. The future InVitro Bone mission is targeting 2017.

April 22, 2015
Osteo-4 Makes Whig Standard Front Page News!

To see the Kingston Whig Standard article on CALM Technologies and Osteo-4 click the link below:


April 22, 2015
NASA Mission Article for Osteo-4 - Great Group Photo!

From the NASA website highlighting Space Station Research, an article titled: Scientists Make No Bones about First Study of Osteocytes on Space Station.  Great photo of the Osteo-4 Team!

April 22, 2015
Osteo-4 Blasts Off for ISS!

Watch the launch video of the SpaceX CRS-6 mission carrying the Osteo-4 Payload aboard the Dragon capsle on the Falcon9 rocket.

April 22, 2015
CRS-6 Prelaunch Science Panel - Osteo-4

CRS-6 Prelaunch Science Panel - With Paola D. Pajevic, principal investigator, Osteocytes and Mechanomechano-transduction (Osteo-4), Massachusetts General Hospital.